Sports on the Net (8/26/96)

Sports on the Net

by Tommy Cummings

from the Fort Worth Star-Telegram
(August 26, 1996)

A year ago, Don Dowell, an Internet consultant based in Fort Worth, wanted to create a site devoted to TCU athletics that would provide the "most extensive information as possible in a timely manner." Well, mission accomplished.

On-Line with the Horned Frogs is indeed extensive and timely.

Though the site is not TCU's official home page, Dowell has impressively compiled reams of information on TCU's major and minor sports programs and has also put together a strong array of links to other sites of TCU interest.

As most fan-based sites go, On-Line with the Horned Frogs is also fun. Dowell says the site's most popular page is Frog Fan Forum, where online participants with handles such as Top Frog, Underfrog, Mad Frog, bleednpurple and Tadpole get together in cyberspace and chat about TCU topics.

Dowell says the site has been well-received, attracting several hundred visits daily during TCU's sports seasons and about 100 daily during slow periods. Football recruiting season drew more than 1,000 visits daily to the site's recruiting page, Dowell says.

The TCU Football option offers the historical perspective available in media guides and the up-to-date information found in the daily media. The position-by-position pages have easy-to-read table-based charts and player bios. The schedules option offers handy links to TCU's opponents and their Web pages.

Dowell apparently likes to have fun at his site. His Slingin "Dutch" O'Brien's 1996 SWC Preview is interesting reading. The Horned Frog Jeopardy online game gives TCU fans a chance to test their Horned Frogs trivia.

The graphics aren't exactly breathtaking, but what can you do with purple frogs?

Definitely a strength. The Western Athletic Conference sites, including the WAC Forum, are informative and appear complete, which is a good idea considering the WAC's expanse. At the Horned Frog Inside option, a link to a TCU page run by Frogs fan Steve Waiters of Temple can take readers to scores of TCU sports articles throughout the Web.

Dowell's page of downloadable college football songs is another cool link. Readers can vote on their five favorite (results are posted periodically).

No TCU site is complete without a link to the TCU HyperFrogs (members of a TCU student organization who paint themselves purple and cheer at TCU games), Their site offers words to their HyperChant ("Kill! Kill! Blood makes the grass grow!" as one verse goes).

If you're a Horned Frogs fan, add the site to your bookmarks. Where else can you rub elbows with Mad Frog and Underfrog and the game? Rating (on five-star scale) * * * *

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