Slingin Dutch O'Brien

Slingin' (Dutch) O'Brien's 1996 SWC Preview

Slingin' (Dutch) O'Brien's 1996 SWC Preview

July, Nineteen Hundred and Ninety Six

Dad durn it, this may be the last day of the dear old SWC, but I just can't let it go. That's why I've decided to keep the league together and pick the games each week along with the standings. Being an old Horned Frog and a veteran of the '35 National Champs (Williamson Poll ) I've seen plenty and figured that this was as good a place as any to grace with my opinions. Just consider this my pre season issue, kinda like Texas Football used to be. It's the time of the year for predictions and team profiles so here's mine in the projected order of finish for our beloved SWC in 19 hundred and 96.

1. TCU Horned Frogs. Now now I know what you're thinkin', but I'm perfectly unbiased. As Matty Bell used to say "It ain't braggin' if you do it". What with Coach Sullivan in his fifth year and with 2 straight winnin' seasons why not ? After all, we just need a quarterback and a runnin' back to replace two of the best we ever had, but besides that we's set. The way these boys have been openin' up number 10 cans of whupass in street fights this off season tells me they's ready to git it on! You put all that together with the move up to a better class of competition and there you have it. Your TCU Horned Frogs, SWC Champs 1996.

2. Arkansas. After the Hogs moved down to the SEC, it took em a while to get over the shock, but last season got em over the hump despite their last place finish in the SWC (they lost to SMU remember in their only conference game). This year they get the Ponies in Pigville which should make em a perfect 1-0 this year.

3.(tie) Southwestern and Phillips. These two are just a touch off last years pace which had both teams 10-0 goin into their annual Turkey Day shootout. What with Notre Dame, Nebraska, and Sul Ross on both of their schedules, they's bound to have a few chinks in the armour by Thanksgivin'.

4.Texas A&M. It is hard to pick the Farmers this high, what with that murder's row schedule where four out of five weeks they go up against the likes of Southwestern Louisiana, North Texas, Louisiana Tech, and Iowa State. But they do avoid Nebraska thanks to the schedule maker and they move down to the Big 12 which should help.(Early upset special free of charge, in Provo BYU 45, A&M 14) The WAC will dominate Big 12 teams head to head in '96.

5.Texas. Substitute Missouri and New Mexico State for La Tech and UNT and and this schedule looks downright Aggielike (ok they do play ND and UVa). The Horns also get the easy Big 12 road this year so their SWC chances will probably come down to the A&M game. CBS will not announce if they plan to televise A&M/ UT or Phillips/Southwestern until the week of the game.

6.Rice. Well things don't look too good down on South Main this season. If you like to see your team lose 6-3 games than the Owls are the team for you. But the move up to the WAC should be a positive, and with SMU coming to Houston I see the Birds goin 1-1 in the SWC and that should get em 6th.

7. Baylor. They's started dancin' in Waco now, but after Nebraska takes the Bears apart in October they probably will go back to prayin' and beggin' for forgivness for they sins. With movin down to a lesser league, BU might have a decent season, but they will probably underachieve themselves into a second division SWC standing.

8.Texas Tech. No rain all spring and summer on the wheat and cotton and now this. 4-7 tops for the Raiders and Spikes head on a platter probly.

9. (tie)Oklahoma and Oklahoma A&M . PEE YEW. They should look forward to playin each other cause it'll be the the only chance either has for an SWC win.

10. SMU. The move up in competition will prove too much for our beloved Ponies.

11. Houston.We should never have let these low rent, interlopin, commuter school goin, scuzzballs into our dear old SWC in the first place , so it's only fittin that they have clinched the cellar before the season starts because they don't play one SWC game in '96. I reckon that tells em how we've felt about em all along. C you in the USA.

Well that's how I feel that this season will come out. I'll be back as the season starts with some weekly predictions if I feel up to it.

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